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We at ARS Marine can handle ALL of your Fiberglass requirements, whether your needs are Big or small. We have many years of experience in replacing rotted transoms, repairing stress cracks and filling unnecessary engine mounting holes. ARS Marine can provide you with Custom work like adding a Drop Keel & Straightening Bottoms.

Fiberglass Prep


Boat was Purchased with Carpet on floor and Black Paint underneath that. We stripped the carpet & All the Black Paint off the Floor to Reveal a Balsa core Floor. After Filling ALL holes in stringers with Wood Dowels and Glass. We then Flow Coated the Floor for that Perfect Shine. the entire boat was then Re Rigged.

Restored Balsa Core Floor
Rerigged Boat


 ARS Did the Glass work on this boat for a setback pump install, We also installed the 4' intake in the boat after Glass work was complete.We at ARS Take our time when Installing a Pump Intake making sure it's (1) in the center of the KEEL, (2) Perfectly Square in relationship with the Hull, & (3) At the Proper Pump Angle. All of these little things make a Difference when you are trying to make a Boat Run a good MPH. Along with having a Boat that goes straight on shutdown. I have seen Dozens of Jet Boats with the Intake set in the Boat OFF center and Pitched to the Right or Left.
Now Ask yourself How's that Going to BE Efficient?

Aft Section of Boat After Repair

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