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We carry a variety of performance jet boat parts and pumps, marine engine parts, and marine exhaust systems and silencers, including extension housings, droops, snoots, and steering extensions. Take advantage of our experience and knowledge and contact us today for all your needs.

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    American Turbine Extension Housing
    Extension Housing (American Turbine)
    Moves Nozzle Housing back 6 5/16” allowing the pump nozzle to have greater leverage on the boat. (Creates lift = mph)
    AT Short Extension

    Short Extension
    A/T short extension 2" overall length

    Bowl Transition Adapter Bowl Transition Adapter
    Otherwise called a rooster-booster.
    With o-rings which means no need for gaskets.
    Works well in conjunction with standard nozzle housing. For high HP boats, or with diverter for huge rooster tails on lake boats.
    American Turbine Droop Snoot Droop Snoot (American Turbine)
    A Droop Snoot is designed to create lift on the aft end of the boat, by lower the thrust line of the jet nozzle prior to exit. (Works well on 20’ and under boats)
    Droop Snoot (Berkeley Style) Droop Snoot (Berkeley Style)
    Horizontal Finned Vane Droop Horizontal Finned Vane Droop
    Berkeley Race style Droop Snoot with a Horizontal/Vertical Finned vane to help straighten the water going into the nozzle...A true winner!!
    American Turbine Long Straight Snoot Snoot (American Turbine Long Straight)
    Long snoot in combination with an American Turbine adjustable diverter, works extremely well on 21’ and over boats.
    Std Nozzle Housing Std Nozzle Housing (Replacement)
    Replacement for your old worn out, straight nozzle housing.
    Aggressor Short Droop Short Droop Snoot — Berkeley Style
    Manufactured by American Turbine. Drops thrust line 9/16”, 3½° up angle. Droop was designed for tunnels and those hulls which still want lift, yet have a problem in dragging the hardware in the water on a standard length droop.
    Place Diverter Housing Place Diverter Long Nozzle Housing
    Place diverter's NEW H.P. nozzle housing
    Steering Extension Steering Extensions
    A must when adding a droop snoot or bowl extension.
    • 10'' center-to-center extension (R9207)
    • 6-1/2'' center-to-center extension (R9107)
    • 4-1/8'' center-to-center extension (R9601)



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