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Round Wet Manifold Gasket Round Wet Manifold Gasket
Chevy BBC Exhaust Gaskets

Chevy Big Block (BBC) Exhaust Gaskets

Chevy SBC Exhaust Gaskets Chevy Small Block (SBC) Exhaust Gaskets
Olds 455 Exhaust Gaskets Olds 455 Exhaust Gaskets
Ford 429-460 Exhaust Gaskets Ford 429-460 Exhaust Gaskets
Basset SBC Exhaust gasket kit Basset Small Block Chevy (SBC) Exhaust gasket kit
Header Cover Header Covers - Fits Bassett and Rewarder
• 5 1/8" tapered collector cover
• 4" collector cover
Exhaust Hose

Exhaust Hose

Heavy duty hose for wet exhaust service. Multiple ply construction with reinforcement for good flexibility and resistance to collapse. Meets all USCG Standards for Recreational Boating.
• 2 7/8” ID
• 3" ID
• 3-1/2" ID
• 4” ID

Powder Coated Exhaust Ports Powder Coated Exhaust Ports
Thru-transom exhaust ports are epoxy powder coated black for maximum durability. Hose connection ends are ring-grooved to ensure a secure water-tight seal. They also include Salisbury exhaust guard flaps, to prevent water from entering engine due to bachwash. Fits 2-7/8" I.D. Hose. Sold individually.
Flapper Trumpet Exhaust Port

Flapper Trumpet Exhaust Port
Built-in flapper to prevent water from entering the engine on the low freeboard and deep-vee hulls. Made of polished aluminum

.• Fits 2-7/8" hose size (GLE 750)

• Fits 3-1/2" hose size

• Fits 4" hose size

Rubber Flappers Salisbury Style Rubber Flappers Salisbury Style
The most widely used method of preventing engine backwash.
Replacement Flaps

Replacement Flaps
Replacement Flaps for Trumpet exhaust ports. Includes Rubber flap, Screws & Stainless plate.

• 3-1/4" dia.

•3-3/8" dia.

• 4-3/16" dia.

Chevy Exhaust Manifold

Chevy Exhaust Manifold (Glenwood)
396-427 & 454 cu. in. Big Block chevy. Cast aluminum high performance exhaust manifolds.

SBC (Glenwood Exhaust Manifolds) Small Block Chevy SBC (Glenwood Exhaust Manifolds)
Over Transom Header Pipes Over Transom Header Pipes
Designed for use on Round Exhaust manifolds. Available in 7"-12"-15"-18"-21" Rise
Glenwood Exhaust Riser Exhaust Risers (Glenwood )
For use with Glenwood high performance exhaust manifolds. These high performance risers are water jacketed, and feature a full 3"exhaust outlet.
Glenwood Straight water cooled outlets Straight water cooled outlets (Glenwood)
Ideal for conventional direct inboard engine applications (Tournament type ski boats and some Jets)
Glenwood XL 35 water cooled elbows XL 35 water cooled elbows (Glenwood)
Designed for engine installations close to transom (Stern drives and some Jets )


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