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We carry a variety of performance jet boat parts and pumps, marine engine parts, and marine exhaust systems and silencers, including products such as our impellers, bowls, place diverters, rudders, intakes, and shoe and ride plates. Take advantage of our experience and knowledge and contact us today
for all your needs.

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Bowl gaskets, seals, and wear rings

Droop snoots, race nozzles, and extensions housings.


    Berkeley Bowl
    American Turbine Replacement Bowl
    American Turbine Replacement Split Bowl. " Works Better than the Original Berkeley Bowls "
    Agressor Bowl
    American Turbine 9.5 Bowl
    American Turbine replacement split bowl, machined clearanced for up to 9.5” impellers.
    Register Ring
    Adapter ring, 9.5” bowl to stock Berkeley / early Dominator register (3/16” diameter)
    Bowl Grease Lube Assembly
    Bowls (Grease Lube Assembly)
    To repair worn or freeze damaged bowls.
    #AT B1803
    Shaft End Repair Sleeve Shaft End (Repair Sleeve)
    No need to replace the entire shaft because of damage due to Sand or lack of maintenance, this repair sleeve allows you to Repair the end of the shaft. “Requires Machining”
    Pump Shaft
    High Performance Jet Pump Shaft
    This is a 17-4 Jet pump shaft, Known to be the strongest in the industry. A must for any Weekend warrior or your all out Blown Alcohol Jet boat!
    relief valve    Relief Valve (Prime A Jet)
    Eliminate having to rev the engine after putting boat in water due to pump being air locked. This is a must for drag racers, as it's a common problem with running a droop snoot. This installs by Drilling and tapping the top side of the bowl about 2.5" back from suction housing flange.
    Billet Bowl End Cap

    Bowl Cap
    Billet Bowl end cap. (Colors may vary)

    End Cap With Zerk
    Bowl Cap With Zerk
    Billet Bowl end cap with Grease Zerk. (Colors may vary)
    Bowl Stuffer
    Bowl Stuffer(ARS)
    This revolutionary stuffer not only fills the bowl cavity, it also stuffs the void in back of the impeller, reducing pump "cavitation and slip".Improves holeshot and Mid range power! Fits Berkeley Bowls. (ATJ and Dominator bowls will require slight modification). Machining of Bowl is sometimes necessary to achieve proper clearance. (Finished Machined and Drilled / Includes FREE Bolt kit. $6.00 value).
    #ARS 108A Finished stuffer (Machined and Drilled)
    Hand Hole Cover
    Hand Hole Cover (ARS) FOR RACING USE ONLY
    This custom fitting Hand hole cover is designed to eliminate any cavitation coming from the Stock Berkeley hand hole cover. It replaces the stock hand hole cover with a Race hand hole cover that fits the contour of the suction housing Perfect thus leaving no room for air to get trapped around the cover that creates cavitation.
    (Requires machining locater nub out of suction housing)
    #ARS 1410C
    Oversized hand hole covers are available. Machining of suction housing is required to achieve a precision fit.
    hand hole cover eye bolts

    Heavy Duty Eye Bolt (Kit)
    These 3/8" Heavy Duty Hand Hole Cover Eye Bolts are Recommended for use on "RACE Application Pumps" Kit comes complete with Billet eye bolts, Clevis Pins, Cotter Pins, Thick Washers & Wing Nuts. Fits Berkeley Pumps only.


    *Berkeley Style* Ram Horn reverse Bucket

    Color is white.

    Plastic Wedge
    Wedges (Plastic)
    • 1/2° 
    • 1°
    • 2°
    • 3°
    • 4°

    5/16 th angled washers 4 degree
    Use these 4'angled washers. Anytime you use an angled shim to prevent the Stud/Bolt from bending and possibly breaking . Manufactured from t-6 Billet Aluminum.

    Nozzle Stud Kit
    Nozzle Stud Kit (ARS 3”OR 4”)
    Stops stripped threads in your bowl due to frequent wedge changes. It includes stainless studs, nuts and lock washers.
    #ARS 112-8 3” KIT
    #ARS 112-8 4” KIT
    Bowl Stud Kit
    Bowl Stud Kit (ARS)
    Reduces the chances of blowing the Bowl off of your jet and eliminates stripped bowl threads. This kit is a substitute for having your bowl Double Bolted. It includes 8 stainless studs, nuts and lock washers.
    Place Diverter Place Diverter Kit
    Hydraulic Place Diverter System for Berkeley JB/JC/JG.
    This kit provides the freedom of instant control with the flip of a switch. This unit travels its full range in approximately 2 seconds, and due to its hydraulic operation it is infinitely adjustable. Each kit comes complete with a hydraulic diverter assembly, hydraulic pump, wiring harness, switch, and all necessary hydraulic fittings and lines.
    Place Diverter

    Place Diverter Kit
    Manual Place Diverter System for Berkeley JB/JC/JG. This kit provides the freedom of instant control with the push of the lever. Each kit comes complete with a Floor or Stringer mount control and a 14' 15' or 16' Cable.

    American Turbine Adjustable Diverter
    Adjustable Diverter (American Turbine)
    #AT R8607 Manufactured by American Turbine. This unit will bolt up to Berkeley JB/JG, Dominator, American Turbine, & New style Legend jet pumps. Complete Kit witch includes New Nozzle housing **Specify Long snoot or standard nozzle housing.** American turbine diverter,Hyd pump, Hyd cylinder,Rudder, & wiring harness. This is a Complete Bolt on system , giving bow attitude adjustment for faster Holeshot's and on plain speeds, Or if you're just looking for that HUGE ROOSTER TAIL!!
    JB/JC/JG place diverter
    Place Diverters JB/JC/JG
    Made to fit: Berkeley 12JB, 12JC, 12JG, American Turbine, (Berkeley housing)Legend, Dominator, Barracuda, Volvo Penta. Specifiy: Manual control or Hydraulic control. Also FTN (Fine tune Nozzle insert) are available Pre Machined with each PlaceDiverter and come with one insert.
    JE Place Diverter
    Place Diverters JE
    Made to fit Berkeley JE pumps.(Shown with Optional HYD control) Can also be modified to fit Berkeley JF pumps. When using on JF pump an additional steering arm must be purchased.
    #PD 101 Berkeley 12JE
    Double O-Ring Double PTFE O-ring
    This is the inner Teflon O-Ring in a Place Diverter. When they spit out, they look like a drinking straw caught in the Place Diverter.
    Nozzle O-Ring PTFE Nozzle O-Ring
    Place Diverter Insert

    Place Diverter FTN Inserts
    FTN Inserts are used to Dial in a boats Hole Shot& Top Speed Sold individually

    • 3" Violet

    • 3 3/16" Turquoise

    • 3 1/8" Red

    • 3 3/16" Gold

    Hydraulic Control Kit Hydraulic Control Kit
    This kit comes complete with wire loom, nylon tubing, SS cylinder with rod bearing end, dovetail mounting bracket & hardware
    Hydraulic Pump Hydraulic Pump Only
    Hydraulic Cylinder Hydraulic Cylinder
    Stainless Steel cylinder used on Place Diverters. Can also be used with air, for many other functions such as exhaust flapper control.
    trim indicator system Trim Indicator Kit
    With this fabulous kit you can now know exactly how your jet drive is trimmed by simply seeing it on a gauge, as opposed to constantly turning around to try and visualize your diverter output and drive at the same time. Includes sender, and hardware. "" Any Mercury style trim gauge will work with this trim indicator system""
    Diverter Wheel Control Button Diverter Wheel Control Button
    Mount's to steering wheel for ultimate diverter control at your finger tips! Includes diodes.
    Floor Control 7 Position Floor Control
    Used for Place Diverter Manual ROOSTER TAIL adjustment
    Stringer Control

    7 Position Stringer Control
    Used for Place Diverter Manual ROOSTER TAIL adjustment


    Standard Length - Fits Berkeley 12JA, 12JB, 12JC, and 12JG Jet Pumps. Made of aluminum

    rudder Dominator 3 bolt rudder
    Fits A/T and Dominator nozzle's with three bolt mounting
    rudder American Turbine Rudder
    4 bolt rudder used on A/T trim nozzles.
    rudder Large Place Diverter Rudder
    rudder Small Place Diverter Rudder
    Jacuzzi Energizer Kit

    Conversion Kits (Jacuzzi Energizer Kit)

    The kit is designed to convert your old style Jacuzzi pump to a much more efficient American Turbine style pump. On the average there is a 20% increase in Performance over the original Jacuzzi 12YJ & Golden Eagle Pump. And a 10% increase in Performance over the 12WJ Pump.

    Also there are many aftermarket parts available for the energizer kits that are not produced for the original Jacuzzi.

    YJ kit — K2008

    WJ kit — K2108

    Master Overhaul Kit

    Master Overhaul Kit
    Master Kits include~~~ 1 Impeller "A" ~ 1 Intake Gasket~ 1 Thrust Bearing ~ 1 Impeller Key~ 1 Bearing Cap Seal ~ 1 Suction Piece Seal ~~ 1 Bowl Seat ~ 1 Retaining Ring ~ 1 Bowl Gasket ~ 1 Nozzle Hsg. Gasket ~ 1 Bearing Cap Gasket ~ 1 Insulator ~ 1 Wear Ring ~ 2 Bowl Bearings ~ 1 Steering Tube Bushing ~ 1 Grommet ~ 4 Packing Rings ~ 4 Nyliner Bearing ~ 2 Nyliner Bearing ~ 1 Transom Gasket ~ 1 Bowl O-Ring~ 1 Nozzle O-Ring ~ 1 Hand Hole Cover O-Ring ~ 1 Impeller Nut ~ 1 Bowl Bearing Cap~

    Performance Jetdrive Rebuild Kit and Jet Lube

    Rebuild Kits and Jet Lube (Performance Jet Drive)
    All kits include a special shouldered wear ring to reduce Cavitation! Kit includes~ 1 Intake Gasket ~ 1 Thrust Bearing ~ 1 Impeller Key ~ 1 Bearing Cap Seal~ 1 Suction Piece Seal~ 1 Bowl Seat ~ 1 Retaining Ring~ 1 Bowl Gasket ~ 1 Nozzle Hsg. Gasket~ 1 Bearing Cap Gasket ~ 1 Insulator ~ 1 Wear Ring ~ 4 Bowl Bearings ~ 1 Steering Tube Bushing ~ 1 Grommet ~ 4 Packing Rings~ 4 Nyliner Bearing~ 2 Nyliner Bearing ~ 1 Transom Gasket ~ 1 Bowl O-Ring ~ 1 Nozzle O-Ring~ 1 Hand Hole Cover O-Ring~ 1 Impeller Nut ~ 1 Bowl Bearing Cap~ Specify diameter of wear ring surface on your impeller so we can provide you with the correct oversized wear ring.
    #ATK 1001 American turbine
    #ATK 1002 Berkeley (ALL)
    #ATK 1003 Late Dominator 12S ('88 And up,Ser# 14466 up)
    #ATK 1103 Early Dominator 12S ( Pre -'88)
    Please call for Jacuzzi (WJ & YJ)
    (Replacement impellers also available with kits, specify size motor,carb,cam,headers,weight of boat approx)

    Bowl gaskets, seals, and wear rings


    Shaft Sleeve Slinger Ring Shaft Sleeve (Slinger Ring)
    Available for: American turbine, Berkeley & Dominator. Must specify make of pump and serial # when ordering
    packing Graphite Pump Shaft Packing
    Standard Rope seal packing (Woven graphite) # ARS 8287
    mechanical seal Mechanical Seal
    Fits American Turbine SD-309 / SD-312 & Jacuzzi YJ Pumps
    bearing Bearing Assembly
    Bearing comes complete with O-ring, Snap Ring, Cotter Pin & Lip Seal. Fits American Turbine SD-312 Pumps
    Thrust Bearing Thrust Bearing
    This is a Double Row 8 balls per row 16 total. Good for use on moderate applications up to 500 H.P
    Thrust Bearing Extreme Duty Thrust Bearing
    This is an Extreme duty, 11 ball double row angular contact bearing. Used in High Horsepower applications where severe axial thrust loads are present. "Filling slot faces motor" "Care must be taken when installing bearing onto shaft,Only press on inner race of bearing"
    bearing grease Red Jet Pump Bearing Grease
    "Special" tube of heavy duty RED Bearing Grease for use in jet pumps. A sophisticated lubricant for severe operating conditions caused by Extreme Axial Loads, such as in jet pumps, Excellent water resistance and superior corrosion preventive characteristics. 14 oz. Cartridge
    Bronze Shouldered Wear Ring Bronze Shouldered (Wear rings)
    Create a double seal with these shouldered wear rings
    Available for: American turbine, Berkeley & Dominator.
    Over sizes available to fit you're used impeller
    Must specify Impeller wear ring surface Length & Diameter
    Make of Pump and Serial # when ordering.
      STOCK Berkeley NON shoulderd wear ring — Stainless Steel
    These are the STOCK non shoulderd wear rings that come in a Berkeley pump. Made of Stainless Steel!
    Plastic Insulator

    Plastic (Insulator)
    Designed to effectively hold the wear ring in place.


    Impeller Shim Impeller (Shims)
    Impeller shim Kit
    Impeller Nut Impeller (Nut)
    Billet Machined
    Impeller Key Impeller (Key)
    1/4” Stainless steel Key
    Berkeley Replacement Impeller

    Impellers (Berkeley Replacement)
    Berkeley replacement impellers, available in aluminum OR stainless.

    Aluminum Berkeley
    Stainless Steel Berkeley

    Click here for Impeller Selection Chart

    Aggressor Aluminum Impeller

    Aluminum Impellers
    Featuring redesigned pitch and leading edge length, these Impellers are Heat Treated/Aged-Hard Black Anodized.

    Click here for Impeller Selection Chart

    Major Mag Bronze Impeller

    Bronze Impeller
    Note: New Matched machined Vanes

    Click here for Impeller Selection Chart

    Major Mag Bronze Impeller Bronze Impeller
    Impellers are Berkeley design, with cavitation reducing features on front vains and enlarged exit vains. Great impellers up to 1000 H.P. Very Clean Bronze casting's
    Stainless Steel Impeller

    Impeller (American Turbine Stainless Steel)
    IMB 08S

    Click here for Impeller Selection Chart

    Stainless Steel Impeller  "NEW" Hi-Helix Stainless Impeller
    This is the "NEW" Hi-Helix Stainless steel impeller everyones talking about.
    Billet Machined Impeller

    Impeller (Billet Machined)
    For winning performance every detail counts. Precision Jet Drive Billet Impellers feature space-age, race-proven technology, 100% aircraft materials and quality control specs, the state-of-the-art design and CNC machining make the difference every time.
    Fits: American Turbine, Berkeley, Dominator, Legend, .

    Available in Aluminum-1018 steel- Or Stainless. 100% cnc machined Impellers gives you the extra edge in State-of-the-art design and performance. 4 and 5 Blade billet impellers available,
    4 blade alum
    5 blade alum (5 Blades work well in HEAVY boats)

    Click here for Impeller Selection Chart

    Impeller (Inducer Pre Loader)
    Impeller (Inducer Pre Loader)
    The HM inducer Feeds 20% more water to the impeller, this helps the Hole shot and Keeps your pump Hooked Up under extreme conditions.
    17-4 pump shaft 17-4 Shaft with Inducer and Bearing
    This Do-It-Yourself kit comes complete. With Inducer, 17-4 shaft machined for inducer, Thrust Bearing & Slinger ring " WHEN IN CHECKOUT, You Must Specify Make of Pump and Serial # <-- for sizing purposes of slinger ring. Do this in the order Notes!!" . We also Press the Bearing on the shaft and install the snap ring for you . Our Extreme Duty Thrust Bearing is also available for a $50.00 Upgrade.
    socket head cap screws Suction Mounting Hardware
    These Socket Head cap screws are used to mount the Pump suction housing to the intake. Kit Comes complete with Bolts, Lock Washers & Washers
    Performance Intake Race 5 Degree

    Intake (Performance RACE 5 degrees)
    Machined includes 5/8 shoe, ride plate and cradle

    Performance Intake 4 Degree
    Intake (Performance Intake 4 degrees)
    Machined includes 5/8 shoe, ride plate and cradle

    Other pump intakes available please call for details
    screws Intake Mounting Hardware
    This Kit contains everything needed to secure the intake in the bottom of the boat after the epoxy has setup. Contains Flathead Phillips machine screws , lockwasher nuts , washers.
    Loader Bolt Kit

    Ultimate Loader Bolt Kit
    #ARS 101C Loader Bolt Kit with lock nuts

    Ride Plate Kit
    Adapt A Shoe and Ride Plate Kits
    Now you can ADD a High performance Shoe and ride Plate Kit to your Stock Berkeley Intake without the hassles of removing and machining it. Will only fit Berkeley intake #s 2155 usually located under the bell housing or under the oil pan on the pump intake. Test's have shown that boats with ARS shoe and ride plate kits have gained anywhere from 2-10 MPH on boats that run at least 63 MPH  and are light enough to Benefit from the added stern lift. We have designed many kits that are available contact us with your specific application.
    Finished machined with stainless hardware & Epoxy
    Shoe, Yoke, Ride Plate
    Shoes, Yokes and Ride Plates
    #AT 16007 Shoe Rough casting- Available in 1/2",5/8" or 3/4"
    Finished Shoe Available 1/2" 5/8" 3/4". American turbine Bolt pattern
    #AT 17003 Cast yoke
    # 1072B Std Billet Yoke with shims
    # 1073B Short Billet Yoke with shims
    #AT 16507 Ride Plates Rough
    #AT 16607 Ride Plates Finished
    We can custom machine you a shoe or ride plate to match your existing bolt pattern. Just send in your existing shoe or ride plate as a template with thickness dimensions. .
    Driveline Coupler
    Driveline Couplers (ARS Flywheel)
    These units are used with 4-point motor mounts and bolt to the engine crankshaft, allowing easy removal of the driveline, making it possible to run the engine without the pump turning. 1310 style bolt pattern = 2 X 2-3/8”.
    (The aluminum version increases acceleration and should only be used in race applications).
    #ARS 102A B/B Chevy w/ flexplate (aluminum)
    #GLE 0793E B/B Chevy w/ flexplate (steel)
    #GLE 0793F B/B Chevy w/ flywheel (steel)
    #GLE 0793P S/B Chevy w/ flexplate (steel)
    #GLE 0793K Ford w /flywheel (steel)
    #GLE 0793M Oldsmoblie w /flywheel (steel)
    Driveline (H Bar)
    Driveline (H BAR)
    #R 186102 For 1310 Adapter (Takeoff)
    #R 186104 For 1350 Adapter (Takeoff)
    NOTE: Used with 4-point mounts, these items can often replace a drive shaft when a safety ratchet has been installed on a pump. The 1350 H BAR is 8” long overall; the 1310 measures 7 ½” end to end.

    Heavy Duty U Joint

    Interegral Rockwell Style U Joint

    U-Joints (Heavy Duty)
    ARS’s line of high performance universal joints are the best money can buy. Both the cross and the caps are special high strength chrome steel. All parts are heat treated for maximum strength. All components are designed and manufactured to strict tolerances for maximum accuracy in balance and even distribution of stress loads. All include a lubrication fitting and are as strong as, or stronger than, competitive U-joints without a fitting. 3-7/16” wide with 1-1/16” diameter caps. For most jet drives.
    E-Clip 1310 Style

    C-Clip 1310 Style

    Interegral Rockwell Style 1340 Style




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